The Pampering Festival

I’m so glad I took part in Pampering Fest  located in Beamsville, Ontario January 30th.  What an outstanding turnout!  98… Continue reading »

Why use LoriannZ Mineral Makeup?

Full Coverage…Lightweight Texture One of the main compliments this makeup gets in particular is that it provides a lot more… Continue reading »

To us, Natural means from the earth

Truly Natural “Mineral Cosmetics” are not synonymous with “Natural Cosmetics”. A lot of mainstream cosmetic companies are jumping on the… Continue reading »

LoriannZ Mineral Makeup Ingredient Glossary

Our ingredients are pure and simple. With more and more women developing allergies and chemical sensitivities to synthetic ingredients in… Continue reading »

Ingredients to AVOID in Mineral Makeup

Talc: is similar to asbestos in structure and has been linked to respiratory diseases, and can easily to contaminated. Although… Continue reading »